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Many, many thousands of lives have been touched by St Luke’s. People who are patients themselves, or have a friend or relative who has been cared for at St Luke’s know at first hand the value of what we do.

Our specialist, dedicated staff control patients' symptoms and alleviate pain to ensure that they’re physically comfortable, as well as attending to their emotional and spiritual wellbeing, their wishes, anxieties and hopes.

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To us every patient is an individual with unique needs and preferences, so we care for the whole person. We do everything in our power to support, comfort, and inspire patients, adding quality to life at a time in their lives when every day matters more than ever.

As well as caring for patients, we support, advise and counsel their families through what can be a difficult and distressing time for them.

Caring for patients throughout Sheffield, St Luke’s doesn’t only look after in-patients. Some people do stay in our In Patient Centre, but others attend our Therapies and Rehabilitation Centre as day patients; and throughout Sheffield our community nurses give patients the benefit of their advice and expertise, helping them to stay at home for longer and remain as active and independent as possible.

You can visit St. Lukes website to find our more information by clicking here www.stlukeshospice.org.uk

St. Lukes - Registered Charity No. 254402