Raising Funds for Sheffield Cancer Charities
Meet The Mums - Photograph of the SMAC team
The Motivation Behind SMAC

As I get older, so many people around me are being touched by cancer in one way or another, whether watching someone we love suffer or living with cancer ourselves.

After finding out yet another friend had been diagnosed last year, a Mum herself, the anger I had been feeling for a number of years reared its head, angry that cancer was stealing from everyday good people of all ages...it is just unrelenting. I was compelled to do more, I approached a number of local like minded mums that had their own experiences, they were immediately on board. We all know the drive and strength that each mum has at her core and the power we have in reserve when needed.

Well with a bang SMAC was born and before we knew it we had events planned throughout 2014...starting with our launch event on 20th March at Baldwins Omega. We also have arranged, Dads Golf Day & Cook off, Time for Tea - Coffee Morning & Bake Sale, Teams running the Half Marathon and potentially a Brides Ball towards the end of the summer.

Motivated to make a difference and play our part in fight against Cancer, our primary goal is to raise much needed funds for Sheffield Based Cancer charities, such as St Lukes Hospice, Cavendish Cancer Care and Weston Park Hospital.

Ceri Rodgers - Founder of Sheffield Mums Against CancerPlease like our Facebook page, join our group and attend our events...

The more the merrier, come along and help us make a difference.

Ceri Rodgers
Founder of SMAC